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Jelena Bojovic, Violeta Jovanovic, Marko Stanojevic, Milica Stefanovic


NALED, Serbia


In June 2012, NALED launched a public awareness campaign named „Ask WHEN“ in order to foster reforms of the regulatory framework by creating public pressure on the decision makers from the Government. In cooperation with the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, NALED broadcasted three videos describing bureaucratic procedures and administrative obstacles to doing business in Serbia (unnecessary paperwork, waiting in lines, huge and unpredictable taxes, laws that are impossible to implement). One of the videos is describing a problem of getting a construction permit in Serbia. The name of the video is „Realty show: Building a factory“ and it shows us three contestants – investors from Serbia, Bulgaria and Denmark competing to get the construction permit and build a factory as fast as they can. Although the video is ironic and funny, the data used in the video are all true – taken from the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2013. According to this report, Serbia is ranked 179 out of 185 economies regarding the speed of issuing construction permits. In Serbia, an investor needs to go through 18 procedures and spend 269 days to obtain the permit. In Denmark this procedure takes 68 days, in Bulgaria 107. These data were presented and illustrated in the video, showing at the end that while an investor in Serbia is collecting various consents from dozens of public companies, an investor in Denmark has already opened its factory and started employing people.

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