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Peter Goliaš, Peter Klátik, Matej Tunega, Eugen Jurzyca

Organisation and country:

Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO), Slovakia


The Slovak government plans to purchase all private health insurance companies and create a single big state monopoly insurer. We believe that the funds required for this plan can be used more efficiently.

The aim of the CenaZaMonopol.sk project is to simply and in a visually attractive way highlight the alternative uses of public expenditure on large projects, which the government plans to implement. We want to actively contribute to the public discourse on their usefulness.

There has been no analysis so far proving that a monopoly in health insurance is better for Slovakia as opposed to competitive environment. Despite the aforementioned fact the government is considering to spend a large amount of money on this project. CenaZaMonopol.sk website points out the alternative uses of money, which would evidently benefit the affected population groups. Rather than uncertainty, the website therefore provides information about alternatives with certain usefulness.

The website may also be used to quantify the alternative uses of public funds for other government plans, such as the intention to repurchase part of the Slovak gas industry, plc. (SPP), which deals with the supply of gas to households and firms, the intention to support private firms by investment stimuli, etc.


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