CIEP Tax Simulator
CIEP Tax Simulator

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Alejandra Martínez-Álamo, Héctor Villarreal, Carlos González, Ricardo Cantú, Sunny Villa

Organisation and country:

CIEP (Centre for Economic and Budgetary Research), Mexico


 “Simulador Fiscal CIEP” (CIEP Tax simulator) is a technological tool available on the Centre for Economic and Budgetary Research´s (CIEP) website, in which tax policies and proposals can be evaluated in a clear and simple way. It allows calculating how much the main taxes can be raised in Mexico, on whom would changes fall, who will pay more and who will pay less. Likewise, how and how much will the different segments of population pay, by categories of age and income.

 This instrument promotes transparency as users can propose different tax schemes and anticipate the impact and consequences these would have in a short and a long term. This way, society is able to participate in the construction of a government with sound public finances.

CIEP´s main objective is to achieve Public Finances in Mexico to be understood and discussed by everyone and no longer an issue only for specialists and some public officials. The Tax Simulator contributes to this goal and it´s available for anyone who is interested.

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