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Dolores Arrieta, Sonia Jalfin, Damián Bonari, Andrés Tow, Verónica García

Organisation and country:

CIPPEC, Argentina


CIPPEC data is a dynamic visualization based on an interactive cartogram that shows how Argentina’s map would be if it reflected a number of social, political and economic variables. The cartogram reflects the value of these indicators for different provinces and their relative weight in a topic of interest. The map is deformed and shows, for example, the weight of the province of Buenos Aires, which accounts for 40% of Argentina's population. A new transformation, however, shows the same province shrinking when it reflects one of the lowest incomes from the tax revenue sharing system.

The aim of the initiative is to show the differences between the provinces in a series of indicators, to explain structural problems Argentina faces in terms of inequality.

The display was developed for CIPPEC’s Anniversary Dinner, the annual fundraising event of the institution, which attracts more than 1,000 policy makers, private sector leaders, journalists, diplomats and policy experts. It was also disseminated amongst national and provincial media on Journalists Day and had a great impact on the social networks in which CIPPEC is present. It had more than 2.000 visualizations and 100 shares in Facebook, and more than 200 mentions and retweets, including recommendations from top news sites, such as La Nación Data, a leading data visualization site. The impact of the initiative can be appreciated in the following link.


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