Distribution of political parties in Guatemala
Distribution of political parties in Guatemala


Javier Brolo, José Carlos Sanabria Arias, Ana Lucía Blas, Jonatán Lemus, Karin de Maldonado

Organisation and country:

Asociación de Investigación y Estudios Sociales (ASIES) - Association for Social Studies Research, Guatemala


The document visualizes the geographic distribution of political parties' organization in Guatemala. To create it, the code in R used for data analysis was integrated into LaTeX using Sweave; it results in a high quality printed publication that allows the public to reproduce the analysis and explore the data.

The content is aimed at decision makers and academics. It is intended to provide evidence for the need to modify district magnitude and political organization requirements in order to increase the legitimacy of political party decisions.

It was the first time that data about political party organization was presented in a systematic way in Guatemala. After a month of its release, this document got front page in the largest newspaper, several op-ed articles, a one-hour radio interview, and various political parties have requested individual presentations.


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