Mapping crime in the Czech Republic
Mapping crime in the Czech Republic

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Michal Tosovsky, Ondrej Skalnik, Zdenek Hynek, Martin Pulicar


Otevrena spolecnost, o.p.s., Czech Republic


In Czech Republic there has been a long lasting discussion about accessibility of crime data to general public. Despite it the Czech police didn't move forward and publishes only very complexe and user-unfriendly Excel tables. While Otevrena spolecnost sees access to data as a crucial condition for debate between the public and the police about efficiency of crime control and focus of crime prevention, we decided to enhance this debate by its online visualisation.

In the first stage only data published by police have been visualised. After quite an enthusiastic reception of the website last year we agreed with Czech police on provision of more detailed data that haven't been provided to public in any way before. Recently these data are being published through our website both in Czech and English version.

At the moment we can assess the impact of the old version of the website only while the relaunch takes place in these days. The data published have been used repeatedly by citizens who were interested, by media, by college students as well as by municipalities and the police itself. We expect the impact and the scope of use of the visualisation to grow while the new version contains data that have been demanded by users of the website repeatedly. Thanks to a much deeper detail of the new data it may start to serve as a source of valid information to NGOs and business companies that deal with some of the sectors of social pathology.

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