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Alejandra Brambila, José Luis Chicoma, Ana Dávila, Miguel Salazar, Gerardo Galindez, Eduardo López

Organisation and country:

Ethos Laboratorio de Políticas Públicas, Mexico


In Ethos Public Policy Lab we are committed to creating a more informed and engaged civil society in various policy issues, and our brand new project #MexicoEn140 helps us achieve such goal.

#MexicoEn140 is a tool that intends to explore new alternatives to analyze and present public information in a creative, dynamic and engaging way. By continuously scanning over 650 twitter accounts of decision makers, opinion leaders, politicians, and public institutions in Mexico, our tool generates a visual representation of the trending and most popular topics being discussed in the governmental and academic spheres. Our users have the possibility of exploring different categories to find out what the group of his or her interest is talking about (senators, executive branch, opinion leaders, etc.), and to understand at a glimpse what is taking place in the public debate amongst leaders and authorities in the country.

With this project of data visualization we intend to take advantage of Social Media in order to keep track and organize public debate taking place in cyberspace, tailoring the information for our audience. Our tool allows the user to get rapidly informed about trends and public debate in an entertaining way, and awakens curiosity to keep exploring the trending issues periodically.

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