Personal tax burden calculator
Personal tax burden calculator

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Hille Hinsberg, Paul Tammert, Tanel Kärp, Rene Lasseron, Konstantin Tretjakov


Praxis Centre for Policy Studies, Estonia


As one of features of Estonian state budget visualization (Where does your money go?), the tax burden calculator is an interactive function, for individual use by every tax payer. The user can insert his or her own income and expenses, or choose from the sample models provided on-site e.g. average pensioner, worker on average salary, or highly skilled specialist.

Based on inserted information, the calculator then shows the individual total tax burden, as share of gross income in per cents and in euros per month, taking into account tax alleviations, various rates of taxes (e.g. excises on special products, taxes on income and on consumption).

The visual also shows “the bill of the state”, that is, division of collected taxes by policy areas – from public health to national security. These policy areas are standard government functions (COFOG) which enables international comparison.

The calculator is available in English by the request of a local NGO which engages in advocacy on the issues of immigrant labour regulations and labour taxes.

The calculator was viewed by 40, 000 users during the first month in October 2013. The launch event included presentation on tax burden by the Ministry of Finance who contributed in reviewing the calculations. The site was recently promoted on the Facebook page of Estonian Parliament in connection with budget discussions.

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