PMRC - Sparking debate
PMRC - Sparking debate


Masuzyo Mtawali, Salim Kaunda, Michelle Morel, Agatha Siwale, Chileshe Chaunga, Sambo Mwila

Organisation and country:

Policy Monitoring and Research Center (PMRC), Zambia


This Info-graphic depicts the development delivery of the Zambian Government after two (2) years in office. September 23rd, 2013 marked exactly 2 years since the Patriotic Front Government took office, promising to bring development to the country in accordance with their party manifesto. The objectives of the info-graphic are to graphically illustrate the claimed development results through the use of the Zambian map.

PMRC seeks to engage the Zambian public in debate over the extent to which they agree with the stated achievements. Information has been translated into visuals per locality and this allows the citizens to relate with advancements that they have witnessed in their own areas. The target audience for this info-graphic is the Zambian public and also the stakeholders that work with the Government of Zambia. The anticipated impact is that people (grassroots) will be given power to assess how their government has been delivering and also to petition and challenge Government on development that was promised but has not yet occurred. The info-graphic also attempts to promote service delivery, as office bearers in government are placed under greater pressure to deliver from ensuing debate.


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