The 2013 Universe of Public Expenditures
The 2013 Universe of Public Expenditures

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Richard Durana, Radovan Durana, Juraj Karpis, Jan Dinga, Martin Vlachynsky, Lucia Pelikantova

Organisation and country:

INESS - Institute of Economic and Social Studies, Slovakia


In making decisions on state expenditures, politicians speak in terms of hundreds of millions of Euros. Very few of us are so fortunate as to have personal experience with such sums. It is difficult for us to imagine millions; we can't even think in terms of billions. Thus we lose sight of what things cost us.

The Universe of Public Expenditures is a graphical representation of all public expenditures financed by taxes and contributions. It enables one to understand the relationships among the individual items of public administration. It is a useful aid in illuminating the basic financial flows between citizen and state as well as among individual state institutions. The relative level of expenditure in each field is reflected in the sizes of the circles, making it possible to easily compare the dimensions of the specific areas in which politicians have decided to use our money.

In 2006 Ministry of Education issued permission for the use of this poster as an instructional tool for high schools and since then it was sent in a poster form every year to over 300 high schools and universities to all geographical regions in Slovakia. INESS provides the lectures on this topic at the schools and so far we delivered more than 80 lectures for more than 4000 students and 500 teachers. Also, the poster is distributed to all economic journalists and Embassies in Slovakia.

Every year the poster is modified and updated according to approved state budget and new features are introduced.


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