The visa business
The visa business


Dren Pozhegu, Yll Rugova, Agon Demi

Organisation and country:

GAP Institute, Kosovo


Kosovo has a huge problem with visa regimes. Kosovars are limited in traveling only on a few countries without visas, mainly neighboring countries, which are not yet part of EU.

The infographics shows the number of applicants for a Schengen visa in the past three years. The numbers, taken from Eurostat, include the type of visa and the refusal rate. The data were exclusive to the wider public, as such information were deliberately never published by individual embassies or the Government of Kosovo.

But visas are very costly on terms of fees one has to pay and in terms of time one has to dedicate to getting the required documents. We calculated how much a visa costs and based on the data of how many people applied for a visa we derived the total cost of visas for Kosovo. Needless to say, the cost came up very high, considering that Kosovo is the one of the poorest countries in Europe.

The publishing date of this infographics coincided with the Europe week, a week organized by EU office in Kosovo in honor of founding date of the EU. That week was characterized by debates and talks on the EU, visa regime, and visa liberalization. Therefore, this infographics contributed hugely in informing the public on the visa issue and the cost related to it.

This infographics proved to be a success, as it was easily understandable and soon became viral in social media.

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