Gavin Freeguard, Petr Bouchal, Robyn Munro, Emily Andrews, Julian McCrae

Organisation and country:

Institute for Government, United Kingdom


This visualisation is part of the Institute for Government's Whitehall Monitor project. Whitehall Monitor aims to chart government - literally - providing a data-driven view of what government in the UK looks like.

The visualisation shows the fall in civil service staff numbers since the 2010 Spending Review, and how this fall compares with the government's target for reducing the size of the civil service. It forms part of a blogpost which uses seven charts and explanatory text to show what the civil service looks like and how it has changed. We publish new blogposts every quarter, when the latest data is published by the Office for National Statistics.

The target audience are civil servants and politicians in Whitehall and Westminster, as well as members of the public and others interested in how British government works. The image (and others from the blogpost) have been shared and helped others understand the changes to the Civil Service since 2010.


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