Berat Thaqi, Lea Nimani, Lyra Xharra Loxha

Organisation and country:

Institute for Advanced Studies - GAP (InstitutiGAP), Kosovo


The European Commission progress report is one of the most important documents for countries, like Kosovo, that are working toward European Union (EU) integration. But, because of the technical and carefully used language, the progress reports are also one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted documents in these countries. Each year that the progress report is published for Kosovo, the Government emphasises its positive elements, whereas the political parties, civil society and the media tackle the challenges mentioned in the report. 

In order to present a more accurate view of the Progress Report contents, GAP Institute has visualised the 64 pages of the report in one single page.

The infographic, which was published just a few days after the report was published, has been widely disseminated through social media in Kosovo. GAP aims to build upon this method for future reports.


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