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Francis Salas, Giannina Solari, Doris Mejia

Organisation and country:

Soluciones Prácticas- Practical Action, Peru


This visualisation is targeted at practicioners and leaders, authorities and the general public (through the media) . It explains the problem of flooding in Piura but also puts such events into historical context. It's designed to be a quick way to get an overview of a lot of information too support decision-making about floods in the region.

Communication strategy:

Create and deliver the most comprehensive information system on floods for Latin America.

  • Activity 1: Produce State of Arts about information on floods in Peru and Latin America.
  • Activity 2: Build the biggest repository of information on flooding in Latin America.
  • Activity 3: Production of knowledge objects. For existing technologies to reduce risk of floods in Latin America and best practice.
  • Activity 4: Promotion and distribution of information. Promote the website through different communication channels such as listservs, social networks, newsletters, radio programs and newspapers at local, national and international level (priorized latin countries).