PX interconnectors infographic-2-small.png


Matthew Smith

Organisation and country:

Policy Exchange, United Kingdom


This infographic is a revamp of the one originally created for our Getting Interconnected report, which advocated the deployment of more interconnectors and made proposals for the removal of obstacles to their deployment. A number of shortcomings of the original (map) format have been removed - most notably the previous adherence to a geographical format which overly emphasised location. Like with the London Underground map, strict geographical accuracy was deemed to be less important than other information, in this case depicting how clean the electricity being transmitted and the quantities involved.

The objective of the infographic is to highlight the win-win-win nature of deploying more interconnector cables - that we can import greener electricity, at lower cost and increasing the security of our energy supply at the same time. Although the primary targets are policymakers and media outlets, it is designed to be understandable for all audiences.


Final vote count - 107