Risto Aleksovski, Ana Blazeva

Organisation and country:

Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Macedonia


Advocacy-centered visualisation is part of the wider communication strategy of the Institute of social sciences and humanities – Skopje (ISSHS). This visualisation aims to raise awareness related to the problem of the unrelenting deterioration of the freedom of expression in the Republic of Macedonia.

The visualisation we are presenting is one of a publicly advocated recommendation contained in the policy report "Legalizing Restrictions of the Freedom of the Press," produced by a team of ISSHS researchers. It consists of an image which is in fact a snapshot of the campaign carried out on Twitter under the profile named "Ministry of Truth" (inspired by George Orwell's 1984).

The target audience consists of local and international civil society organisations, activists, national and EU institutions; the relevant institutional stakeholders as well as the local representatives of the international organisations are addressed with direct tweets.

In short, we have submitted a visualised message rather than visualised data extracted from an actual advocacy campaign carried out on Twitter and other social media.


Final vote count - 34