Stephanie Dunstan, Alex Oliver, Nirupam Gupta with Lekki Maze (Glider Creative)

Organisation and country:

Lowy Institute for International Policy, Australia


As the leading tracking survey on Australian international policy, the annual Lowy Institute Poll provides an independent, rigorous, reliable basis for understanding Australian attitudes to the world. 2014 marks the tenth year of the Lowy Institute Poll. Over the past ten years, the Poll has identified significant shifts in public sentiment, and has provoked vigorous debate on issues such as Australia's relationship with the United States, investment from China and climate change.

The Polling interactive was a special initiative of the Lowy Institute designed to bring to life a selection of the Poll’s most striking and significant results over the last nine years. It allowed users to interact with the polling data, through graphs that could be manipulated to compare and contrast specific data points. Results can be exported to PDF for printing.  It also included brief analysis on overall trends in polling data.

The interactive was designed for use by the Lowy Institute's key audience groups - policy makers, the media, academics/students, corporates and the wider public. A pop-up survey tracked usage. 

The interactive has been a huge success. It has proven more popular than the 2014 Poll report, with over 17,500 unique views, compared to 6,400 for the report.  It is the fifth most popular page on the Lowy Institute website, bringing in over 5% of all traffic to our website.

Communication strategy:

The interactive was a significant step in improving the Institute’s ability to communicate data rich research content in a meaningful way for our stakeholders. It was timed for launch with the Poll report, and promoted as a key 'value added' product for users.

This included a press release, launch event, promotion via Twitter(#LowyPoll2014) including use of Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising and Linked In Sponsored Updates. Throughout the year, as different Poll results are discussed in the media, the Institute has continued to promote the Interactive via social media accounts.