Tatiana Oliveira, Lais Ramalho, Vitor Hugo Anastacio, Jonathan Fernandes

Organisation and country:

Brazilian Center for International Relations – CEBRI, Brazil


Since 2010, CEBRI and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS, in German) have decided to unite their strengths in order to promote debate on the sustainable development agenda from the specific point of view of international relations. Throughout this long term partnership, we have carried out several projects with annual duration, all of which have analyzed important issues. Since 2013, this partnership has been developed through the project Pathways to Future We Want.

Information is a key aspect to advance the debate on sustainable development. For this reason, we have produced an interactive and participatory platform, free of charge to access. Our intention is to offer users an overview of the history of the multilateral process concerning sustainable development. With our timeline, the public can engage in a 'journey' in which will be possible to know the main topics of our debate and also dive into specific contents, exploring them in depth, in an easy and intuitive way. 

This tool also has a research mechanism that allows one to look for a topic of interest inside the platform, besides thematic sections structured to gather relevant information on sustainable development.

This platform was designed to serve as a database to civil society representatives (students, businessmen, NGOs, social movements) and policymakers.

The platform was recently launched, so we believe it is very soon to attest its results and impact.But we expect it to become a reference for sustainable development agenda studies in Brazil very soon.

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