Som Tsoi, Caroline Simpson

Organisation and country:

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Canada


The submitted data visualisation is an interactive webpage created in support of the 2014 CIGI Survey on Global Economic Governance, which tracks annual progress made by the Group of Twenty (G20) and other international economic governance institutions in strengthening international cooperation. The visualisation aims to show overall economic progress in four key areas through a colour coded scale and pie chart visualisation – making heavy qualitative analysis quickly digestible. The rankings/responses of each participating expert are also available, allowing users to review results collectively or on an individual basis.

Given the niche subject of the data represented, the visualisation is aimed at global governance scholars and policy makers although has relevance for a wider user base with interest in global economic affairs. The interactive page was a key element in CIGI’s G20 communication efforts in November 2014, with a feature on the homepage and serving as the landing page for a related policy brief, podcast, and several op-eds that ran in leading national newspapers.

The visualisation data was previously represented in a static policy brief form. For 2014, the interactive webpage received nearly six-times the pageviews than the related policy brief with 86% of sessions coming from new users in 109 countries – extending CIGI’s research and branding to a new, global audience. 

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