Csaba Molnár, Jonathan Ravasz, Péter Krekó

Organisation and country:

Political Capital, Hungary


The interactive map was developed to visualise the Demand for Right-Wing Extremism Index (DEREX). German sociologist Ralf Dahrendorf said it takes six months to replace a political system, six years to transform an economic system, and 60 years to change a society. Political Capital’s DEREX index makes it possible to track changes in social phenomena that threaten to radicalise a society.

DEREX measures the size of the group in a given country susceptible to far-right ideologies and political messages (the 'attitude radicals').

The goal of the visualisation was not just to create a supporting material for the research, but a visualisation, that guides the user through the data by processing it into a cartographic environment. The map invites the user to iterate through the years of the research data, allowing them to study the tendencies, not just by geographic location, but also over time. The data is both depicted visually and numerically, this makes it accessible to a wide range of audiences: from data journalists to decision-makers, from researchers to school students.

The index is visualised by a contiguous area cartogram. An area cartogram is a map in which thematic mapping variable is substituted for land area. Scaling the countries by their demand for right-wing extremism compensates the actual land size differences, placing the focus on the problematic regions.

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