Ekaterina Ustinenko, Zafar Berdinazarov, Umidjon Abdullajonov

Organisation and country:

Center for Economic Research (CER), Uzbekistan


This infographic was developed for joint research of CER and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - "Uzbekistan Towards 2030: A New Social Protection Model for a Changing Economy and Society."

The data show how health care system expenditures and demand in Uzbekistan will change through 2030, especially with the ageing population.

The target audiences are government ministries and agencies, and local and international institutes, including UN agencies in Uzbekistan. The infographic was widely used for Development Dialogues held by CER, for different roundtables and meetings with local and international experts. The impact was a number of discussions in health care sector among government ministries and agencies.

Communication strategy:

Both research on "Uzbekistan Towards 2030: A New Social Protection Model for a Changing Economy and Society" and infographic "Challenges of Health Care System in Uzbekistan: How to Address Growing Expenditures and Demand?" were widely distributed to recipients of CER dessimination list, which includes representatives of UN agencies (worldwide), World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and different international and regional think tanks, research institutes and other independent experts.

Also, these two documents were sent to mass media and participants of Development Dialogue, who included representatives of international organisations and diplomatic missions in Uzbekistan.

The objective of dessimination was to inform the audience with the latest actual research, which would have a great impact on development and social transformation of Uzbekistan. Also, both documents were sent as application for participation in different international workshops, including Second ADB-Asian Think Tank Development Forum 2014.