Tatiana Rosco now talking on post-2015 in Colombia and how data can actually be put to use in policy.

Three things that the department of social inclusion and reconciliation have done to use data to support decisions:

  1. Working across entities to collect data on poverty: creating a multidimensional poverty index has been key. Can show where people more health services or more educations services, etc. based on this and working with Microsoft they developed 'SocialMap' looking across fifty some indicators.
  2. Mapping social interventions: But knowing where there are issues is only part of it. We also need to know what sort of interventions, in both the public and private sector are available. This tool allows us to see 10k projects.
  3. Collating datasets: Colombia didn't have an integrated information system. But fifteen days ago we have finished this tool. It isn't even presented to the president, it's that new! We have data mapping over 4million citizens which should allow better decision-making.