It's nearly time for a coffee break. Then after that, I'll be chairing the next session. So there likely won't be much in the way of updates until later this afternoon. That is, unless someone wants to take over. In which case, get in touch at @knezovjb.

Meanwhile, the closing thought from sessions on disaggregating data. First of all, while it was challenged, there seemed to be a consensus that greater disaggregation of data was always the answer. But an important couple of closing thoughts were on the user side (or the demand side, if you will) for data. We can keep disaggregating, but why? Will it be used and can it be effectively communicated.

As one of the panellists also highlighted, we need to be better at conveying this sort of information. People who can understand the types of policy papers being produced is a small part of the population. And an even smaller subset of that population uses them (I'm sure he used disaggregated data to validate the assumption). We can, and must, do better.