Data visualisation creation tools

Static visualisation tools 

Interactive visualisation tools 

Data scraping tools

Data sources

Data cleaning tools

  • OpenRefine: A free, open source, powerful tool for working with messy data

Data visualisation programming

  • D3.js: D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG and CSS.
  • Highcharts: Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering an easy way of adding interactive charts to a web site or web application.
  • VIDI: A suite of powerful intuitive Drupal data-visualisation modules for anyone to use on any standard set of data ranging from government databases to demographics and statistics.

Data visualisation sharing platforms

  • SavvyRoo: A platform for creating, sharing and finding data.
  • Slideshare: Share what you know and love through presentations, infographics, documents and more

Other data visualisation resources

Blogs and websites

  • Datavizhub: A space to share examples of great visualizations, resources, tools, and ideas for making information accessible.
  • Drawing by Numbers: Drawing by Numbers is a resource on data visualization for activists. It features a guide on working with data and information for advocacy, and reviews of visualisation tools.
  • Examples of innovative think tank communications: A Pinterest Board from WonkComms that includes data visualisations.
  • Guardian Datablog: Facts are sacred, and so is this blog. It is a fine purveyor of open data sets and is full of great ideas about how to make that information accessible.
  • HELPMEVIZ: Helping people with everyday data visualizations
  • On Think Tanks - On Data Visualisation: These blogs have been crafted specifically to support the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation competition. The wider blog also has helpful resources on digital communication.
  • Visualising Data: This website provides readers with inspiring insights into the contemporary techniques, resources, applications and best practices in data visualisation.
  • Views of the World: A blog that explores the representation of cartographic data.
  • Visualizing Information for Advocacy - An Introduction to Information Design: This manual from the Open Society Foundations helps NGOs and advocates strengthen their campaigns and projects through communicating vital information with greater impact

Other collections of data visualization resources

Data visual inspiration

Collections of datavis

  • Dadaviz: A curated collection of some of the web's best data visualisations.
  • Gapminder: Is a non-profit venture to help make public data from several multi-national organisations accessible.
  • Information is Beautiful: A blog dedicated to distilling the world’s data, information and knowledge into beautiful, interesting and, above all, useful visualisations, infographics and diagrams.
  • WTFviz: A blog that collects examples of Visualizations that make no sense, for your NONspiration.

Other data visualisation competitions