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Comments from the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Judges:

  • Leonora Merry, The Nuffield Trust (TBC)
  • John Schwartz, Soapbox
  • Enrique Mendizabal, On Think Tanks

Data are inherently meaningless -- in this day and age, nothing but 1s and 0s hanging out on a hard drive. It is only through a process of analysis and interpretation that data gain meaning and become useful information. When that information is conveyed in a compelling manner, only then does it have the potential for impact. Data visualisation (or perhaps more appropriately, information visualisation) has emerged as an important tool for think tanks to engage policy makers and publics alike. But creating effective think tank data visualisations is no small feat -- it's about finding the appropriate mix of data, technology, design, and politics. This event will explore each of those areas in further detail and will highlight compelling examples from across the globe following the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition. It will also serve to launch a new digital compilation of the 2013-14 competition entries and commentary.

This event is co-hosted with Wonkcomms, and will be live streamed to allow for a broader participation -- please register below to attend online for a link to the live event. Follow the event on Twitter at #ttdatavis, and why not follow @onthinktanks and @wonkcomms while you're there.

Video of the event

Storify of the event