This is it – the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition has reached the Finals! It seems like just yesterday that we were opening up the call to the first qualifying round, and yet it was nearly half a year ago! In that time, we’ve been massively impressed by the response we’ve received to the competition. Each qualifying round saw more entries than the previous one – and the votes kept rolling in too. Each round saw over 10,000 visitors to the competition website itself. And we’re also pleased that the data visualisations resources page has proven quite popular too. We hope that means that there are more of you out there today experimenting with various data visualisation techniques and getting your messages out there to much wider audiences.

But we still need your help -- we still need your vote!

The final round picked the crème de la crème of our batch of over 30 data visualisations from across Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America. Each qualifying round sent the top three visualisations through, and the Open Society Foundations’ Think Tank Fund, who have supported this competition, chose one extra visualisation to go through too that they felt deserved another moment in the spotlight – a wildcard, if you will.

And so below are the 10 final entries for the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition. Following feedback on the previous rounds, we’ve changed our voting procedure for this final to ensure one vote per person. And this vote really matters. The public vote will count 50:50 with that of the judges to determine the final ranking.

The team behind the winning visualisation in the final stands to get a US$2000 cash prize, plus up to US$5000 to attend a relevant workshop or conference on data visualisation. The second place team gets US$1000, and third place is US$500.

The new voting mechanism puts all the entrants on an even playing field, but it has meant that the number of votes isn’t automatically available and the teams are in the dark about where they stand in the current public vote. The voting opened on 9 January 2014 and it closes on 22 January 2014 at 23:59GMT. Below are the data visualisations in the final listed in order of their current standing at the mid-way point of the final voting round. The current votes are quite close, so a vote today could still change the outcome tomorrow!

  1. Who is whose family in Slovak courts
  2. Mapping Crime in the Czech Republic
  3. Political clientelism: still wasting your money
  4. Mapping Arms Data (MAD)
  5. CIEP Tax Simulator
  6. #MexicoEn140
  7. Skopje Raste (Skopje is Growing)
  8. CIPPEC data
  9. The visa business - The cost of visas for Kosovars
  10. Our Money: Visualisation of the Hungarian Budget Spending

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