The wait is over!

The On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition is back in a newer -- and better -- incarnation for the 2014-15 season.

We've been busy behind the scenes completely reworking the website. And we're excited to share the developments. In particular, we've made a big effort to build out the Resources section of the website. We've update the list of online tools that are available. And we're pleased to announce a 'how to' series that will explain some of the tricks of the trade.

And the competition itself has changed in a few important ways!

  1. The competition is now open to any think tank anywhere in the world! We felt strongly that the submissions we got last year, having limited it to think tanks only from low- and middle-income countries, could hold their own with the world's best. So, we've done away with geographic restrictions this year. So whether you're in Canada, Cameroon or China - submit away!
  2. We've targeted the rounds: While we felt that all the entries in the 2013-14 competition stood up to international scrutiny, we did think that some of the static visualisations got lost among the snazzy, high-tech, interactive ones. We are adamant that data visualisation is about finding appropriate formats to convey information and that sometimes all that requires is putting pen to paper. As such, we've divided it so that the first round is only open to static visualisations. The second round is only open to interactive visualisations. And the third? Well, we're also adamant that data visualisations should have a clear purpose behind their development so that they are actually used. The third round is open to any type of visualisation (static or interactive), but the prize for the third round will be awarded to the best use of a data visualisation as part of a communication strategy.
  3. We've brought on more partners: The 2013-14 was generously sponsored by the Open Society Foundations' Think Tank Fund and hosted by On Think Tanks. This time around, we've also brought on board as a judge, prize sponsor, and as a resource partner. Be on the look out for an upcoming webinar on telling stories with data, hosted by!

With those changes in mind, we look forward to seeing all those exciting data visualisations created this year! Round 1 is now open -- submissions are due in by 22 October at 23:59 BST (that's British Summer Time, or GMT+1).