Unfortunately, due to a technical fault with the survey systems for the judges, we will have to postpone the announcement of the winners from the first round. We will be making an announcement very shortly, however -- so be on the lookout!

In the meanwhile, we've opened up submissions for Round 2. Submissions in this round will be limited to interactive data visualisations only!

Interactive visualisations can run the gamut from simple actions like mousing over items to display more information. Or by clicking on a bubble, it could 'explode' sub-categories. Or an interactive visualisation could change based on user input, such as we saw in a number of tax planning visualisations in the 2013-14 version of the competition. Or, indeed, they could take a combination of both approaches.

So get creative, and show us what you've got!

Submissions for Round 2 close on 26 November at 23:59 GMT.