Many of you will have seen that the submissions for Round 3 - Best use of data visualisation as part of a communication strategy, are now online. In addition to 14 previous entries from rounds 1 and 2, that now have more information regarding their communication strategy, there are three new entries this round.

Given the complexity of this round, and following much conversation among the judges, we have decided that opening the round to public voting does not seem appropriate. This is also because the information provided across all of the entries is not consistent.

The judges are currently evaluating all 17 entries. In particular they are looking for clear examples of where data visualisations have been used as a specific means to an end as part of a broader communication strategy.

Given that the judges are reviewing all 17 submissions, this is taking longer than expected. We hope to have a result of the winner within the next week, however. So watch this space!