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Open Society Foundations' Think Tank Fund

Active in more than 20 countries across Europe and the South Caucasus, the Think Tank Fund devises country-by-country funding strategies based on needs assessments, cooperation with local Open Society foundations, and careful selection of grantees. They support independent policy centres that embrace inclusive policy change via analysis, advocacy, and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders. is the data visualization service that brings out the best in your data. Our infographics and charts are quick to use, fast to share, and easy on eye. Our customers range from small businesses to global media organizations, and we've been awarded multiple times during our short but fast-paced history. We work on a freemium business model and are looking for additional resources in sales team that is selling our premium subscriptions.

On Think Tanks

On Think Tanks is a blog and set of associated projects that help think tanks and other policy research institutes to do what they do, but better. These organisations can serve several important public good purposes even if they are sometimes dismissed as ideological or interest driven. They play key roles in any modern society that values the contribution that knowledge can make to the world of politics. But their management, finances, communication, policy and research activities can be particularly challenging.