IBM Many Eyes is a collection of data visualisations, and a tool for infographics

What it's best for

  • Sharing and having conversations about your data visualisations. You can comment on a visualisation through a ‘snapshot’ feature, which becomes a link that will take another user to exactly the same configuration of the visualisation, even including search terms (e.g., in a treemap). There are also useful discussion forums on the site.
  • It offers a decent range of visualisation templates including standard bar-charts and line graphs to more complex scatterplots; tree-maps and phrase-nets (exploring linkages between words in text) and zoomable maps of the world. 
  • Accessing other peoples’ data – everything on the site is shareable, which means you get access to lots of information!

Where it falls down

  • Layout is very fixed to a one chart wide and a long scroll
  • Limited themes from which to choose, and modifying styling (fonts, colours, etc.) is not possible in the free version
  • Basic maps are useful places to start, but only work at the country level 



* Costs are correct at time of publication. Please always refer to original website for current pricing.

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